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Street Self Defense System VOL. 3: Outer Limits Drills

DVD Street Self Defense System Vol. 3: Outer Limits Drills
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Vol. 3 of Street Self-Defence System

Outer Limits Drills

It’s finally been released after a 3 year wait (you’ll know how long it’s been when you see my relatively youthful ugly mug in the Video Clip).
The 3rd volume of our Street Defense System The Outer Limits . This 2-DVD set clocks in at 2+ hours, it is our Darwinized process that allows you to cull and set your own personalized street tactics. If your (or our suggested) vocabulary makes it through the Drill Gauntlet-then you’ve got something. If it fails the gauntlet-Kill it or it just may get you killed.
Included are:

  • The Outer Limits Mind-Setting Vocabulary
  • Acclimatization Drills: 6 templates  to adjust you to the chaos.
  • Multiple Opponent Drills: 14 to build your mass awareness and reactions.
  • Impairment Drills: 27 Drills to foster improvised responses under the following circumstances Respiration Impairment, Balance/Mobility Impairment, Vision Impairment, Auditory Impairment, Dexterity/Coordination Impairment, Cognitive/Executive  Function Impairment, & Limb Restriction Drills.
  • Environmental Drills: 13 Drills covering the following arenas Obstacle Drills, Vertically c\Challenged Drills, Horizontally Challenged Drills, High Ground Drills, Car Drills, & Water Drills.
  • Awareness Drills: 5 Classroom Use Drills to build “controlled paranoia.”
  • Prop Drills: 3 Drills to sink the Improvised Weapons vocabulary.
  • In all 68 Drills plus ideas on how to up the total with the Pragmatic Mix & Match Protocol.

I’m mighty proud of the work we’ve put into this material and it is my honest opinion that this is where the meat of our entire Street System is to be found.