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RAW 098

DVD - The Spiral Ride & Breakdown for MMA: Vol. 1
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On this DVD we explore what is becoming MMA's most common ride on a turtled/all-4's opponent. We run 6 drills and 13 submissions (10 that call for zero-hooks in--more on that later).  We start with a detailed breakdown of how to hit the ride and limit the bottom player's escape opportunities.  Next, we use the Spiral to break an opponent down and/or turn the ride into an in-between ground and pound control position (the key to control is in the hip-side elbow--it may look like a seat-belt but looks can be deceiving).  We then introduce the 1-2 Glide Drill to instill quick Breakdown and/or Beatdown transitions.  We then explore the 2-ways an opponent will try to keep base versus your breakdown and exploit these base attempts with Underarm Bars and Double-Wristlocks (DWLs).  You always need a fall-back position, if either of the preceding submissions fail you we explore how to take the back with a single-hook to avoid being shaken off and get back into ground and pound territory.  If you absolutely can't resist throwing both hooks in (and keep in mind, even the best of the best are getting shaken off these days) we detail how to use a tweak involving a 1-on-1 and Crossface Combination to sneak both hooks in that prevents your opponent from getting to shake-off territory.  From hooks-in 3 fast subs, the obvious Rear Naked choice plus two faster options.  For those aboard for skipping hooks-in gambit we offer a Nelson series that leads to a tighter ground and pound position (Full Mount/Top-Saddle).  While we're at it, think the Full-Nelson is simply a show-hold? Once you see the slip-in spot you'll have a new ace-in-the-hole.  Next we take the almighty useful Reverse Lever Choke (a tighter Darce for the uninitiated) and hit a mondo tight turn the corner option.  While we're turning the corner we'll hit 2 more sub opportunities that keep you on top.  We'll close with an Arm Bar set-up with a Nelson and a last-ditch Shoulder Choke (Arm Triangle).  This extended content volume comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.