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RAW 224


Black Box #12
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Crew, A preview of the syllabus for July’s Black Box #12.
In short:
* Clinching w/ a Weapon
* Tomahawk-Battleaxe Dancing
* RnT Mount Escapes
* And Two Old School PT Hidden Gems
This one is, no hyperbole,  pure OD mean and killin’.
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For more lowdown on just what this ol’ Black Box thing is and why all the sport stuff is gone---
The Black Box Project #12: Clinching w/ a Weapon/Tomahawk-Battleaxe Dancing/RnT Mount Escapes & Old School PT
Mark Hatmaker

Rough ‘n’ Tumble Clinching w/ a Weapon
Bowie “Spine-Grip”
* Slicing-In
* + Butting-In
* Wheeling the Slice to Gut-Ripping [Bone-Block Correlate]
* Chopping-In to Neck-Hooking
* Spine-Pull to Slice-Out
* + Slice-Back or…
* Stab-Back
* Neck-Hooking to “Meat ‘ems” to Slice-Outs
Bowie “Digger-Grip”
* Digging-In
* Hooking-In
* To Rolling-Grip Slice-Out
* + Reverse-Roll Slice or…
* Back-Stab
* Hook-In to Meat ’em to Rabbit-Stab
* Chop-In or…
* Hook-In
* Hook-In & Ground-the-Fist [Sokoob’i Matzoc’a] or…
* Hook-In +  Sky-Fist Punch [Tomoob’i Topa’itu] to Ground-the-Fist
C & E Exits
* The X-Exits
* Spine-Grip Blade Pushing
* Digger-Grip Blade Pushing
* Tomahawk Punch Pushing
* The Shrugging to…
* Spine-Grip Gutting
* Digger-Grip Gutting
* Tomahawk Breastbone Cracker
Ground Scufflin’ Hellaciousness
Surviving the Top-Saddle/Mounted Position
* Sport answers can be technical and elaborate due to Petzmann Effects
* We need Quick & Dirty Survival answers in the face of strikes, poor ground terrain, and potential of multiple attackers.
* Before we get out, we need to Not Get Hit.
* Street/Rough ‘n’ Tumble Rule #1: Do NOT Bridge without the Clutch
* Street/Rough ‘n’ Tumble Rule #2: Do NOT Shrimp/Wrestler’s Kick without the Clutch
* The Under-Saddle Survival Base
* Foot Position Reason #1: Hard to Spur
* Reason #2: Powers The Knee-Bump
* Solo-Knee-Bump Form
* Partnered Knee-Bump
* The Clutch
* Precise grip positioning for punch control.
* Cross Post & Wrench vs. Attempted Punching
* R for R w/ Wrench L & Vice Versa
* You ain’t out…yet…but this is the survival base out of which all RnT Top-Saddle Escapes will operate.
* Master these steps of saving your skull then we’ll overlay the escapes/bottom attacks on top.
Frontier Weaponry: Tomahawk “Dancing”
* Defining the Tomahawk Dance
* Skill-Developer and Conditioner Combined
* There are many versions, that can be linked and/or improvised within but we will offer standard sets to educate the unity of weapon familiarization, weapon-use stamina, and the surprising amount of variety in one-one maneuvering.
* My suggestion, toss the Kettlebell time and put that into ‘hawk cultivation.
Warm-Up #1: Tso’apu Hagowoi’tu [The Shoulder Loosener]
* 1 3-Minute Round
Warm-Up #2: Kwipunar’u Nostsowit’u [Twisting Strength]
* 1 3-Minute Round
Tsohpe Nikhar’i Sum’u [Tomahawk Dance One] Tabe Mahoinit’u [The Sun Goes in Circles]
* Step 1: Tall Circles [Kwanaba’itu Mahoinit’u]
* Step 2: Advancing the Sun Goes Behind a Cloud [Tomookat’u Mahoinit’u]
* Step 3: The Sun Touches the Ground [Sokoob’i Tabe]
* Step 4: Retreating Rising into the Cloud [Nuu’ Tomookat’u]
* Step 5: Retreating into Tall Circles
Training Suggestions
* Each Step as an Independent Clockwise & Anti-Clockwise Round
* 1 Round as Double Sun Circles thru Each Step
* 1 Round as Single Clockwise Circles thru Each Step
* 1 Round as single Anti-Clockwise Circles thru Each Step

Old School PT Spotlight: Two Hidden Gems
* The vital importance of the gluteus medius & psoas to old school thought.
* The Psoas as foundation link.
* The gluteus medius as the “subtle” power.
* The “Walk.” [This pops up more in The Suakhet’u Program.]
Two Exercises to Targeting These Two Gems
* The Sky-Touch
* The Extended Controlled Lift