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RAWS : RAW 223

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RAW 223


Black Box 10
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Black Box 10/RAW 223 is released, well, as of right…NOW!

• 25 straight minutes of Tomahawk & Frontier Trade-Knife Flow Drills

• A huge breakdown on the Clinch as Strike [there’s a whole lot of meanness going on in the 2-3 seconds of entry and securing.] BTW-Pay close attention my Bowie & Tomahawk-ateers, plenty of flow will be built out of this as well.

• The Street [RnT] High-Single which ain’t your Sportsman’s High-Single.

• A ¼ Hour of Freebie Video

• A sneak peek at the complete syllabus for Black Box 10

• Snag your own for the discounted price [which goes away at the end of the month.]

• And…a way to grab Black Box 10 + 3 freebie back-volumes of the

Street/Rough ‘n’ Tumble Black Box Project.

Click on for all this gloriousness!