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RAW 222


The Black Box Project 9
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The Black Box Project 9: Cuffing, Corkscrews & Maulers/Clinch Hellaciousness: Kissing Knees, Cranks, & Neck Breakin’/Grip-Equalization for Tomahawk, Big-Knife, Battle-Axe, & Bare Fists

Mark Hatmaker

The Street Dentistry Parlor
Cuffing, Inside Corkscrews & Maulers
·        Catching/Knuckle-Busting Over Cuffing vs. Straights—Why?

·        But…if Hands Are Cheated to the Outside, We’ll Need Answers

·        The New School Outside Parry

·        The Un-Wisdom of the Elbow-Hinge aka Ball & Socket Parry

·        This is why we do The Old-Timer’s Cuff

·        The Cuff Target

·        The Striking Surface

·        The Mechanical Wisdom of the Turnover

o   Same Power

o   Smart Defensive Position

·        Cuffs Set-Up 1-for-1 Inside Corkscrews

·        We’ve not discussed saving the hands yet, so…

·        Even better, Cuffs Set-Up Maulers

·        Loaded Cuffs, Corkscrews & Maulers

Upright Scufflin’ Hellaciousness w/ Neck-Breakin’

Striking from the Single-Underhook/Crank Control & Neck-Breakin’

o   [We build on the Street Single-Underhook detailed on RAW 219-221/Black Box 6-8]

o   Head Posts to Hand-Posts

o   Adding “The Rumple” [Cauliflowered ones such as myself haaate this bit of simplicity.]

o   The Thorough-Brace Knee

o   Returning to the Single-Underhook

o   “Rumpling” to the “Bumpy Slide” to Crank Control

o   The “Kissing” Knee [Quick, simple & malicious.]

o   The Proper Way to Bar & Chancery Drop, no ifs, ands, or buts.

o   Two Grounded Neck-Breakers that you can hit on asphalt with you being none the worse for wear.

o   Two Standing Neck-Breakers for the Ground Adverse

o   Why we grip as we do? Because we see the horizon of the next whipping brace of cranks if these haven’t deadened yet.

Vicious Weaponry: Grip Equalization for Tomahawk, Big Knife, Battle-Axe, & Bare-Knuckle

This is not grip-strengthening, strength will increase as an adjunct to these exercises, but grip as pure grip work in an old school manner will be addressed separately down the road.

o   What is grip-equalization?

o   Why the old-timers considered it wise.

o   Grip equalization as re-hab/pre-hab for tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, lifter’s elbow and other like maladies.

o   If you experience any elbow pain, likely it is a result of long-term grip-inequalities aided and abetted by inertia.

o   Two Tests for Equal Grip

o   The Fist

o   The Monkey

Why Stretching/Mobility Exercises & Poorly Targeted Massage will exacerbate problems.

o   Why we must kill exercise speed.

o   Your tomahawk and combat inertia will provide the speed; the exercises provide the stable base to build the painless speed.

o   6 Exercises to Equalize Grip

o   The Straight Turn

o   The Bent Turn

o   The Thumb Lift

o   The Pinkie Lift

o   The Loaded Turn

o   The Straight Bye-Bye

To order yourown or for information on “The Suakhet’u Program” hit the link.


For more infoon just what this whole Black Box Project is.


ESP RAW 222 can be had for the month of May 2016 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International. [Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.]