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The Black Box Project 5
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The Black Box Project 5: Street-Dentist Whip

Hooks, Double-Down Double Wristlocks, Stab & Smoke Kicks, Flat Mattock

Attacks for Tomahawk & Eskimo Squats

Mark Hatmaker


Street Dentistry: The Whip Hook

·       The Whip Hook as Counter or Fade-Away

·       Most Hooks, particularly those heavily trained on bags, are digs or “lean-ins.” Ill advised as a reply hook.

·       The Distance Profile

·       Tripart Construction

·       One: The 45-Degree Stance Reversal

·      Two: “Leaving the Hand Behind”

·       Three: Cracking the Whip

·       Off-Hand Considerations: The Rear Hand Advance

Rough ‘n’ Tumble Kicking

·       Definitions

·       “Low Dog” or “Dirty Dog” Kicking for Rough ‘n’ Tumble


·       “Kwip’u su’anir’u” which loosely translates as “smoke-kicking”

Two Short Caulks as Counter or Evasive Kicks

·       “Stabbing” & “Smoking”

·       Of the Two “Stabbing” is the Easier Skill

·       The Power-Throttled Short Caulk [No-Clinch]

·       Jab Drill Stabbing

·       The Short-Caulk Smoke-Style [Sike-Built/Hip-Led]

·       Jab Drill Smoking

Double Down Double Wristlocks & Catch-Grip Rips

[Vertical Mechanics]

·       The Gambino Grip [aka The Godfather Grip]

·       “Dust the Knuckles”

·      The Ease of Entry vs. Standard Cross-Body Bottom Safety

·       The Off-Hand Thumb Slice

·       The Connecting Hand Position [Wrist Placement is Key]

·       Connecting Arm Position [Crook to Twin Fossa]

·       [Outside-In] The Single Gooseneck

·      The Elbow Clutch

·       Opening the Angle

·       Advisory Against Acute Angles

·       The Arch & Cross-Body Float

[Each of the Following has a strike that can be overt for street, hidden for devious purposes, or excised for competition.]

+ Hip-Switch/Knee-Inspiration

+ Stomp/Cervical Misalignment Step

+ Heel-Chops & Crooked Leg Scissors

+ Peel-Offs to High-Crotch Neck-Breaker

+ The Scissors Strike Keylock

Tomahawk: Flat Mattock Attacks

·       Lumberjack “Rooting” Hack

·       The Arc of the “Mattock” Attack with the Tomahawk

·       The Backhand Mattock

·       The Forehand Mattock [Obey the arc or you will “strip” yourself.]

·       Grip-Spinning

·       Downward & Upward Mattocks

Old School PT:

We will provide a single Historical PT Challenge per volume that you can

use to spice up training or benchmark yourself to. They all emphasize

minimum equipment in these “different” times.

Eskimo Squats

A tremendous explosiveness and lung testing exercise.

The Cheechako Version [for Beginners]

The Sourdough Version [Real Version]

Two Approaches

o Rapid Turnover Sprints

o The Long Haul