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RAW 216

The Black Box Project 3
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The Black Box Project 3: Knocked & Loaded Shock Drills for Combination Fighters, "Sissy Knives" & "Shifting Gears" from Old Penitentiary Days, & Old School Rock-Solid Sentry Push-Ups

Mark Hatmaker

[Complete syllabus below]

Just what is The Black Box Project?

The Short Answer: Old School Historical Mayhem in all it's glorious details with the niceties removed.

The "My Mouth to Your Ear" Answer: The nitty-gritty details I'd dish if we were standing side-by-side on the mat, in the gym, on the street, in the forest.

The Long Answer: If you want to be punished with a long essay, see here

Most of this material being kept close to the vest for so long will also mean that some of the freebie video will tease more along the edges. I will transfer this home-court advantage to paying customers and likely leave more than a few key details off the freebies for both safety and home court reasons.

Every volume of RAW comes with a Targeted Syllabi, and The Black Box Project is no different. To give an example of how dialed in on devilish details and a waypoint to where we are heading I offer RAW 216's syllabus in full.

Trust me, do not assume that a familiar term or tactic listed is the same-o, same-o. Indeed, it is not.

The Black Box Project 3: Knocked & Loaded Shock Drills for Combination Fighters, "Sissy Knives" & "Shifting Gears" from Old Penitentiary Days, & Old School Rock-Solid Sentry Push-Ups
Mark Hatmaker
The Combination Man Stance: Knocked & Loaded
Talk of Stances, Zzzzzzzzz...

Down that Red Bull and Look Sharp as, no hyperbole, what we are going to do here [if you are not already doing it] will increase your striking power, pile on the speed and substantially reduce the chances of you being embarrassed by a takedown.

Much Ado About Palms
•    The Old Timers were meticulous on hand placement, and you should be too.
•    Out-Unnatural Tension
•    Down-Loss of Rotational Power for strikes and Opening of Two wedges of opportunity for Grappling.
•    Facing-Puts Rotational Power back on board/Naturally Closes your Defensive Wedges.
Stand On One Point: The Square Stance
Look Alive, Crew! What follows is Foundational. No mere nit-pickiness. It may be unsexy in discussion, but as you apply the drills, I guarantee the light bulbs of tactical opportunity will illumine your world.
•    Flat
•    Heels
•    Toes [Balls of the feet]
•    Standing on One Point.
The Water or Chalk Test for Stance Correction
Knocked & Loaded
•    How and why one shift in knee position can add to your punching power.
•    To your takedown speed.
•    To your anti-takedown foundation.
Knocked & Loaded Applied to The Combination Fighter Two Stances
•    Square
•    Pugilist's Stance
•    Square Hip-Turning
•    Pugilist Hip-Turning
•    The Common Hip-Turning Fault
Drills for Stance Agility: Or in Old School parlance "Floorwork"
•    This ain't footwork; we're talking something more all-encompassing than that.
•    Square Speed Pivots
•    Pugilist Speed Pivots
•    Pugilist Marching
•    Square Pivots + Pugilist Marching
Drills for Stance Agility: Shock Training
•    The Forward Roll to Rock-Steady Square
•    The Shoulder Roll to Rock Steady Pugilist
•    The Pop to Rock Steady
The Old School Sprawl aka "There's always a spike."
•    Four Errors in Modern Sprawling Old Timers would burn our house down and steal our women over.
•    Error #1: Hands, singular or plural.
•    Error #2: The "Replacement"
•    Error #3: The Hips [How this error came to be, or why what is currently right was always wrong, and why to be vicious it's OK to be wrong.]
•    Error #4: The Return
The Old School Way: Sprawling aka "Spiking"
•    BTW-You will lose friends over this.
•    The Replacement in Profile
•    Spiking Square for Right-Handers & Southpaws
•    Spiking the Right Angle
•    Spiking the Left Angle
•    4 points of Contact NOT 5 aka "The Hip Error"
•    The Return
The Shock Training-Spiking Drill Package
Again, this is not footwork, we will go into the Old School wisdom on this matter next time but...let's add this Old School fun.
Counting Like an Old-Timer: "Gimme Five Steps"
•    The following is an ingenious numbering system to see how to make any possible advance to your opponent.
•    It has the benefit of making clear how to "see" the stance of the opponent in front of you and...
•    Allows an easy template for calling entries for your fighters while training or cornering them.
•    The Five Steps
Vicious Weaponry of the Month: A Penitentiary Detour
•    "Sissy-Knives"
•    Improvised "Sissys" in the Day-to-Day World
•    "Shifting Gears" in Mob Parlance
•    The Thumb Lead & Importance of "Starting in High Gear"
•    The Jam & 1-2-3 & Shoving Exit
[We will return to Tomahawk in the next volume, but we will be making these little sojourns into the wide array of old school weaponry from time-to-time to widen our palette of viciousness.

Old School PT: Sentry Push-Ups [aka "Sentry Dips"]

We will provide a single Historical PT Challenge per volume that you can use to spice up training or benchmark yourself to. They all emphasize minimum equipment in these "different" times.

Sentry Push-Ups were used to build a powerful sweep of the chest. To my mind they are superior to standard parallel bar-dips as that exercise recruits the powerful back muscles to aid and abet to take pressure off the triceps and chest.

Sentrys increase the load on the triceps and recruits the smaller chest group to give us more bang for our exercise buck.

Sentry Push-Ups are also a far more realistic movement for real world application as all of our rock-climbing, mantling, escape and evasion will likely be over, under, and around obstacles that lack conveniently positioned parallel handles or precisely dangling rings. [That's right, tougher than ring dips. I said it. And I mean it.]

But True Cadence Sentry Push-Ups are not hit overnight, so we will step to them.

3 Stages to Sentry Push-Ups
Prayer Dips
•    Form
•    Cadence
•    Prescribed Reps and Sets
"Watch Your Feet" Dips
•    Form
•    Cadence
•    Prescribed Reps and Sets
Sentry Push-Ups/Dips
•    Form
•    Cadence
•    Prescribed Reps and Sets

[This RAW DVD, like all others, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook]

NOTE: Crew, Me and the Missus are gonna grab some R&R down Gulf Way starting on the 3rd. We'll get RAWs out currently through the 2nd and upon our return I'll get pending volumes out asap.

Thanks for your patience.

ESP RAW 216 can be had this month for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew-- Join the Crew and save some moolah!)