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Crew, Me and the Missus are gonna grab some R&R down Gulf Way starting on the 3rd. We’ll get RAWs out currently through the 2nd and upon our return I’ll get pending volumes out asap. Thanks for your patience.

RAW 213


The Wrestler's Guard “Hands-on-Deck” Series 2,
Running Attacks for Tomahawk & Bowie,
& 12 “Shoeshines” for Pugilists

Sales price $42.00
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The Wrestler's Guard “Hands-on-Deck” Series 2, Running Attacks for Tomahawk & Bowie, & 12 “Shoeshines” for Pugilists

Crew, this new RAW is old school technical flow.
If you dig the ABC/123 linear call-and-response of our Paladin Products, well, buckle up!
The Sales Pitch

I'll let the syllabus do the talking [with the bullet-point details redacted and of course no video] but this should give you an idea as to how Pragmatic this Attack/Defend/Counterattack flow is.

Bottom Scissors vs. “Hands on Deck” 2
½ HEIST Go-Behinds
Pit Drag
Seated Switch to Go-Behind
To Rear-Saddle Sleeper
Stalled Seated Switch to COM Gut-Wrench
Power-Switch vs. Posted or Long Leg
To Stecher Arm-Bar
[Vs Head-Drive to the Chest that Flattens w/ Hands Still Decked]
Collar & Elbow Kick Sweep
[Blocked DWL Options w/ Grip Retention vs. Opponent Drives Forward]
Sneak Scissors to Cross-Body DWL
To Genie SAS
To Key-Lock
To Reverse Lever

Running Attacks for Tomahawk & Bowie
We've belabored false-security with low-weight mock weapons, now let's kill the idea of stances, footwork and "dueling" interaction with frontier weaponry.
No freebie video here, but we do offer 6 "On the Move Drills" to seat the concept and mechanics all based in reality not student-to-student facing assumption.

PUGILISIM: “Shine Those Shoes!”
In the 20's & 30's, there was not a boxer, corner, fan or radio listener who didn't know what "Shine those shoes!" meant.
We'll offer an even dozen combinations that puts us into that knowledgeable cadre.

[This RAW DVD, like all others, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook]

ESP RAW 213 can be had this month for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International.  (Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew-- Join the Crew and save some moolah!)