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Combat Mathematics: Tactical Tailoring

• If I were to tell you that there were 5 calculations involving your lil’ ol’ body, a cloth measuring tape, and a calculator that would allow you to select and/or discard both striking and grappling tactics with mathematical precision, would you think that an overstatement?

• Yeah, sounds too good to be true, but…I kid you not, the 5 calculations, the Rule of Hierarchies based on your calculations and the wee demonstration of application should allow you to review and revise your own arsenal. [Each RAW tactic from here on out will be careful to tell you “If your number is this, you’ll get a lot of use out of this” or which pieces of candy to not waste your time with.

• We all know this one size fits all noise works for nothing, right?

Like Leg Locks?

Well, how about 10 more approaches for the Achilles, takedowns included.

How about a hands-free shrug out of the clinch into an Outside Wrist-Breaker?

We also cover Micro-Iso Drills for Frontier trade knife that you can train solo in these pandemic times and perhaps hep us all to the negative wisdom of zumbrada passes vs. knife aka self-evisceration.

And we will end with a little indigenous movement drill called “Earth Swimming.”

We’ll hit it solo and add a little weapons work on top to open our eyes as to where this all is headed—Facile weapons access no matter your position.