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RAW 205

Lumberjack “Savate” II, 17 More-Subs Off the “Exposer” Ride, Tomahawk Raking
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ESP RAW 205 Lumberjack “Savate” II, 17 More-Subs Off the “Exposer” Ride, Tomahawk Raking Locked & Loaded Crew! RAW 205 is chockful of old school Striking, Submissions, and as an Extra Added Bonus, delicious Tomahawk Tactics. On the striking side of things, we run our Rough ‘n’ Tumble Striking thru the combination Grinder with 8 more Drills & Combos to make us flowing smooth and tight. Included are Drills that… • Use Counterrevolutions off of the hands and the old-school kick known as the Splitter. • Educate Hop-In “Barks” for sudden changes in striking range. • Coordination Drills to integrate Jabs, Post Jabs and Pull Jabs with your standard boxing game. • Seamlessly integrating the Lumberjack Hook • And last but certainly not least adding the Old-School Rough ‘n’ tumble Elbow Smash into your Arsenal. It ain’t the precision tool that the Muay Thai elbow is but it more than makes up for that in power and gap-closing ferocity. On the Grappling Side of things 17 Submissions & a Warning or Two against oft used “show holds” in serious contexts. We’ll hit… • Slapped Wristlocks, Punch Cross-Faces, Bulldog Chokes & Cranks, Home-Plate Headlocks, False Headlocks [that still crank.] • We’ll warn against Naked Scissors and a few other standards, show why, then offer easier-engineered replacements including the tweaked beast that is the Figure-4 Neck-Breaker. AND in Frontier Weaponry we’ll run more than a few drills to educate the close-Quarters Tomahawk tactic used in a tight draw position. The Rake and its permutations gets you to Full or Half-Choke Grip lickety split!