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The Only Mount Escape You'll Ever Need
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That sounds cocky doesn't it? In all candor I hate cocky attitudes, so allow me to assure you I offer that statement not in a brazen manner but as a clear-eyed rendering of truth.

I have taught many a mount escape in my day, as viewers of ESCAPES FROM IMPOSSIBLE HOLDS & THE GREAT ESCAPES can testify. I have taught and tested escapes for every contingency under the sun, but after half-century on the planet and with an eye on re-configuring and codifying our RAW Legacy Curriculum I firmly and staunchly believe that when it comes right down to it, you can toss that huuugge vocabulary of Houdini-moves and put all your money on this one single very high-percentage tactical chain.

As with our 3-volume Choke-Proofing material I will not offer freebie video of the Drill Sequence or tip too many details as I want to keep the RAW Cadre with 1st-hand in the game-team loyalty if you will.

With that said below is what you can expect to learn on ESP RAW 166.
•    The Body As Cylinder Concept
•    How the Choke-Proofing Order of Operation transfers to Top-Saddle escapes.
•    Why bridging, over-hooking, individual grapevine beats and other like escapes are a waste of time and in many cases put you in greater danger.
•    We'll detail the Back-Safety Posture.
•    Then we demonstrate the How's & Why's of The Dead Leg and The Long Pelvis and provide several drills to seat this essential Pre-Flight Skill. At this point the Escape is only half-completed, ignore these steps and you are simply wasting your time.
•    Next we provide solo and partner drills from the ½ Escape Point on including a discussion of Pick-Pocket Transitions and the Patella Bullseye concept.
•    Once we have the Escape from Back Safety-Posture to the ½ Way Point it's time to go Full Enchilada.
•    And what use is an Escape if it doesn't lead directly into Offensive opportunities so we'll close out how to go from Full-Mount back-to-the-mat, "Uh-oh, I'm in trouble!" to full escape to Elevator Operator Attack Position. [If you know the Dirty Boxing Unit cold you'll have an eye-opening "You can do that there?" moment.]
We close with a discussion of Choke-Proof insertions, and midway contingencies and a preview of just how aggressive we'll be from the Elevator Operator Attack Position.

As per usual, this volume comes with a printed syllabus for gym use.

ESP RAW 166 can be had for the month of August 2016 for $32 (S & H included--Domestic & International) at the end of the month the price goes to $42 Domestic/$52 International. [Of course, it's only $26.50 for the RAW Crew.]