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RAW 158


The Throat-Cutter Sprawl & The Double-Tap Arm-Bar w/ Catch-Grip Counters
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Oh, this is a good RAW volume, Crew. It serves 4 Tactical Purposes-Read on for malicious fun:
•    We open with a re-engineered sprawl we have dubbed The Throat-Cutter. We'll hit the details of the how's and why's of this adjustment and most importantly how to use it to read which deep submission chain to run with.
•    If your opponent gives you Reaction #1 you hit him with a 4-Deep Neck Crank Series with an Arm-Bar Chaser.
•    If your opponent gives you Reaction #2 we will rip that arm off and beat him with the wet end. [Not really, but it will feel like it.]
•    We are going to re-tweak your Short-Arm Bar with 4 Tactical Details: The Snug, The Lift, The Stretch, & the Rolling Grip. These will put a new meaning in bye-bye arm.
•    We will then tweak the Full-Arm Bar with 3 of the 4 Tactical Tweaks that will move us into a very subtle and practically always there move we call The Shoulder Shift (some around here call it The Double Tap Arm-Bar as you will feel broken in two places at once.)
•    Next we run into a pragmatic vocabulary vs. Catch-Grips meant to stop your arm-bar, but I will say if you tighten the aforementioned Tactical Tweaks seldom will you have to run to Catch-Beats, but we include them all the same as fights are always unpredictable animals.
Neck Cranks, Defensive Sprawls right into offense, a whole new level of arm bar pain, what's not to love?

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.