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RAW 155

Integrated Curriculum Vol. 6
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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 6

The 6th of the improved format includes:

  • 20-GPP Combat Specific Conditioning Challenges.
  • We will be using the 6-Tiered MAX O2 Package introduced on RAW 153 on a daily basis to build Maximum Fuel Tanks.
  • We add daily All-Round Strength & General Power Training, Combat Somatotrophics, & Fight Specific Agility Drills to maximize our conditioning time.
  • Among the fun challenges: Lots of bridge work, agility rolls, bob & weave rope drills, and speed sprawl/pop-up & sprint circuits.
  • This volume also has 16 Boxing Drills our focus on this volume is building immediate counter-punching off of using the Snap-Back as a Defense.
  • We also start using that combat arm drag to set up our double leg series.
  • We'll cover how to react if your combat drag is resisted High or Low and which version of the Double-Leg to bang for each contingency.
  • Just as important as your double-leg is how you hit the mat post-double. Do it right and you can avoid a lot of bottoms scissors headaches. We'll hit two drilling options here with the Sprint & Fling.
  • We also hit 10 Mat-Work Drills to build facility with the very fluid Cockle-Burr Ride.
  • We'll discuss using the Butterfly Pin to keep your opponent flat.
  • Using the Dig & Power Half to create Hook and Neck Exposure.
  • Setting up a slamming home the Rip-Out Double Wrist-Lock (DWL).
  • Two ways to Cram a DWL Hold-Out.
  • We'll hit a so evil it should be illegal Reverse Lever Cross-Face.
  • And as icing on the cake use a non-travelling cross-face for a tap that requires almost zero-effort.
  • As a bonus-we'll hit how to use that Dig we've been wearing out to open up an ocean of possibilities that lead to beaucoup arm/shoulder/neck & spine locks.

Man, I love this volume! We're finally getting out of the basics weeds into the mean, mean, meanness of the old school combination masters-what's not to love?

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.