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RAW 154

Integrated Curriculum Vol. 5 Building the Base
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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 5 Building the Base

The 5th of the improved format includes:

  • 21-GPP Combat Specific Conditioning Challenges.
  • We will use the 6-Tiered MAX O2 Package introduced on RAW 153 in an alternating fashion now as we add All-Round Strength & General Power Training, Combat Somatotrophics, & Fight Specific Agility Drills to maximize our conditioning time.
  • We offer 21-Days of Combat Specific Training on this volume. Among the new drills detailed on the DVD: Speed Sprawls to Pop-Ups, Rotational Rowing, Partial 1-Hand Chins, Shoulder Bridge Presses, Hang-Clean Turn & Press, and the Wrist-Held Pull-Ups for some crazy strength. Stick with it Crew-as we progress thru the system you're going to see some serious old school gains!.
  • This volume also has 13 Separate Boxing Drills detailing how to build power and utilize the formerly legal pugilism blow the "chopper" in your street work...
  • We'll cover three drills for building Body Shot Tolerance covering two conflicting tactics by old school boxers. We'll tell you how to execute each body-toughening tactic and then let the drill decide for you which one is right for you.
  • And we'll hit a slid 8 Rounds of Drilling working the Heart Punch-a very unsettling blow to take.
  • We'll hit 12 Roundsof Clinch Drills Building to what we've been aiming for starting with RAW 150-we'll run the Long Pummel, the Short Pummel, and the Body Cross Chain as one continuous upper-body control drill. This is worth the price of admission and gets you out of the over-under pummeling mediocrity.
  • In this volumes mat-work section we use Dig Nelsons to set-up Double-Wrist-Locks, Short-Arm-Scissors (Including a sweet variant passed on by Coach Mike Flowers-thanks, Mike!), we'll hit Crook-Lifts vs. the Buried Arm and wrap up this 16-Rounds of Mat-Work with the criminally under-used Double-Over Double Wrist-Lock-good luck catch-gripping a stop on this one.

Man, I love this volume! We're finally getting out of the basics weeds into the mean, mean, meanness of the old school combination masters-what's not to love?

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.