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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 3 Expanding the Base
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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 3 Expanding the Base
The third of the improved format includes:
•    22-GPP Conditioning Challenges.
•    Demos of standards for the 15 new exercises.
•    16-Rounds of Boxing Drilling getting us deeper into true counter-punching work.
•    20-Rounds of Clinch Work including...
•    5 ways to set an Underhook Control both Inside the Clinch and Out.
•    2 ways to transition to Head-Control off of an Outside 2-on-1.
•    These Head-Control transitions lead directly into submission chains which we'll jump right into.
•    This volume also includes 20 Rounds of Matwork Drills-these continue our Short Offense Aggression Game with 4-Finishes to SO Double-Legs and what to do if you get "stuffed."
•    We'll then start hitting 1/4 Position Out of the Fire Drills to get you back in Top Position.
•    We'll hit 6-Saves in 12-Rounds of Drilling.
We really think you'll get a big bang for your buck out of the new format. 22-GPP training days, and a total of 56 Combat Rounds.
This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.