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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 1: Building the Base
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Integrated Curriculum Vol. 1: Building the Base

The inaugural volume of the improved format includes:
•    A Benchmark GPP Conditioning Test that we will use as an improvement marker at the end of the approximately 60-day cycle.
•    A 22-Day Training Template combining GPP, Stamina work, and Combat Training Days along with suggested rest days and prescribed order.
•    Video instruction of exercise standards plus scalable alternatives for rookies.
•    Unusual exercises will be demonstrated in detail. This volume includes: Swimmer's Push-Ups, Climber's Squats, Weighted Bear Crawls, O-Bar Lock-Outs, Deck Squats, & Kingmakers.
•    Within the 48 Rounds of Boxing Drills will be instruction in Power Pyramiding and Continuous Turnover to build punching power and stamina.
•    Also included in the boxing unit are 24 Rounds of Partner Trigger Boxing Drills to build immediate Defense to Counter-Punching Prowess. [These are all live-fire drills.]
•    There are programmed 48-Rounds of Clinch drilling divided into 4 Designated Drill days.
•    Among the Clinch Drills covered are: Penetration & Level Change Drills, Back-Step Drills, Lifting Drills, Chop Hip Heist Drill, Dominant Angle Drills, and numerous drills using the Long Pummel to get to and secure the dominant angle.
•    There are 36 rounds of Groundwork on this volume. Some of the ground work covered: Head-to-Head Dealer's Choice Drilling, the Slice & Spike Top Wristlock, the Cross-Body Jam & Scissors Choke, Scap Pull Arm bars, Cup & Grip Double Wristlocks, Keylocks, & Kyboshed DWLs to Reverse Levers.
We really think you'll get a big bang for your buck out of the new format. 22-training days (12 conditioning) and a total of 132 Combat Training Rounds.
This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.