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RAW 147

Bottom Scissors Threats: Arm Bar Chases #2
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Bottom Scissors Threats: Arm Bar Chases #2
This volume is all back-work. Yes, I know as wrestlers and/or street practitioners we do not want to be on our backs. What we do here is begin a short series of volumes that is designed to make you as aggressive as a rabid wolverine off of your back on the premise that this will allow you to hook a sub, or open get-up opportunities rather than play a passive lay and pray game.
[This volume is meant to be drilled alongside RAW 146 and picks up where it left off.]
This volume includes:

  • Refining the Arm Bar Chase and The Four Set-Ups.
  • We then run into a lengthy sequence using non-sweeping Under-Hooks.
  • We'll bait from the Arm Bar to the Leg Bar.
  • Next we'll bait with the Leg Bar and transition to the higher percentage Leg Bar Sweep.
  • We'll then drill using the Non-Sweeping Under-Hook Arm Bar directly into a Coil Lock.
  • We'll drill a few Coil Lock transitioning exercises to get a bit more fluid with the hip roll.
  • Then...I'll explain why I have little faith in the coil lock but then drill you why it was so important to learn it-we'll use the 1st 10% of the coil lock to get you out from under and back on top where you ought to be.
  • Next we run a series vs. a Vacuumed Arm Defense.
  • We'll hit Triangle Transitions.
  • Why you should "cut" the head and not "pull" the head in Triangles.
  • We'll Drill Triangle/Arm Bar Combos.
  • Then Triangle Sweeps that won't unlock your legs.
  • We'll then hit the little-used but oh, so sneaky False Triangle.
  • We'll then plug Coils and Coil Sweeps vs. Hip Blocked Triangles.
  • And finish off with Cross-Side Leg Bars and Cross-Side Leg Bar Sweeps.

This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.