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Bottom Scissors Threats: Arm Bar Chases #1
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Bottom Scissors Threats: Arm Bar Chases #1

This volume is all back-work. Yes, I know as wrestlers and/or street practitioners we do not want to be on our backs. What we do here is begin a short series of volumes that is designed to make you as aggressive as a rabid wolverine off of your back on the premise that this will allow you to hook a sub, or open get-up opportunities rather than play a passive lay and pray game.
We open this volume with the concept of:

  •  The Arm Bar Chase-where we use the arm bar as a Root or Base.
  • This Root will be an  attempted sub or at the very least an "escape" or follow-up sub opening.
  • Before we begin the Chase Sequences we'll detail 4 Lo-Tech Set-Ups that Mirror Standing wrestling technique to make our upright and horizontal games coherent and to resist the temptation to lock-down to keep the fight on your back.
  • We will build these "arm bar chases" as long contingency chains to keep you moving and to get you to the tap or to get you up.
  • This volume will focus on theUnderhook Aspect of the Arm Bar Chase (Stack Chases on the next volume).
  • We will use the Underhook to "finish" off of the back, to follow to the Cross-Body Finish, to SAS's versus the "catch" position, to using SAS's as Bail-Outs, to Knee-Bar Slides, to Knee-Bar Bail-Outs.
  • Run the Drill Sequence in the prescribed manner going thru all 4 Set-Ups and your facility should start matching what we did with the Root Combination in the Boxing on the Move Material.
  • [Please have this base down cold before adding in the next volume which picks up where this one leaves off with Stacks & Shucks].