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RAW 139

ESP RAW 139: CMC #16
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ESP RAW 139: CMC #16
We're going with all boxing this volume to drill some correctives to a pet peeve of mine--out of balance boxing.
The Top 4 Signs of an Out-Of-Balance Boxer
1.    The lead leg is loaded during a punch.
2.    No "fists with the feet."
3.    Lack of rear foot contrary pull.
4.    Hips tilted beyond the midline.
An out-of-balance is a slower boxer, a less agile boxer, an easily countered boxer (if your opponent is looking for the right things.)
This volume of RAW corrects Boxing Balance with 18 Drills that can be recombined into hours and hours of live-fire boxing drills time.
•    We'll start with a Root Combination to get the Boxing train rolling.
•    We'll then head to the heavy bag and discuss the 4 Most Common Heavy Bag Training Errors.
•    Then we'll use 5 Heavy Bag Drills to build power that does not sacrifice balance.
•    Next we'll move to the Double-End Bag where we'll use 3 more drills to put a fine point on our concepts. After that, the meat of this unit--Active Focus Mitt Drills.
•    We'll discuss and demo the 4 Rules of being a Good Feeder (I will be nit-picky here as for every good feeder I encounter I meet 20 feeders doing their partners a disservice.)
•    We'll then hit a couple of Low-Pressure Drills to get the Focus Mitt concepts seated.
•    We'll demo the Feeder Spear and why all combos should end with it. (If you're Feeder is staying one spot or moving at random, well, never mind--another pet peeve.)
•    We'll then hit 4 Drills to build power, snap, and balance while moving (as you must move to be a good boxer.)
•    We'll then use the +1 Drills to educate how to draw your opponent in. In my opinion, this concept is one of the must under-utilized in getting your skills up to par. It removes the passivity from Mitt training.
•    We will then hit a couple of Poke & Go Drills to start the Counter-Punching skills popping.
As a bonus I've included a dozen additional Root Combinations that I recommend working through the 18-Part Drill Unit.
By the time you work all of these thru the drills you should be far smoother, far snappier, and most of all in good balance at all times.
This volume (as with all volumes of RAW) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.