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DVD - ESP RAW 131:
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This is volume 9 in the Combination Man Curriculum (CMC).
The Collar & Elbow Tie is the most common tie-up in submission grappling, but we've got admit that this tie is a neutral position at best and a defensive one at worst. The Collar & Elbow (C&E) Tie should be thought of as a Jab or Probe to check your opponent's base and defensive skills, and if the C&E is the Jab, then the Single-Underhook is your powerful rear-hand shot that follows your probe.
The Single-Underhook is an ideal 90%-er go-to that allows you shoot your offensive gambits and quickly return to the relative safety of the collar & elbow if need-be.
Among the material covered in this volume:

  • Proper Single-Underhook Control (Hint: It has more to do with your head than the under-hook itself).
  • How to Skull-Block Leg Dives from this "vulnerable" position.
  • How to blend seamlessly from the Collar & Elbow to the Single Under-Hook and vice versa to fend off pummeling attacks.
  • How to use an Angled Head-Snap to capture the head for all sorts of malice.
  • How to flow from an Angled Head-Snap to a Bar & Chancery Pull--(No static tilts, crew--nothing but cervical vertebrae meanness).
  • We'll run a quick flat-backed takedown from here and add a 1-2 submission duo to finish off that head-capture.
  • If, you encounter trouble with your Angled Head-Snap, we'll cure what ails you with a devious Halch to capture that head all the same, from there back to flat-backed dropping and the 1-2 neck-crank series. (Forgive the use of the phrase "Happy Ducks" in this DVD but you'll see why these ducks are happy and why it will help you to remember proper hand placement).
  • As if that sneaky Halch won't be enough to capitalize on your Single Under-Hook let's add a brand new tool to the mix with a Head & Chancery--think of it as a Bar & Chancery on over-drive.
  • We'll use the Head & Chancery to flat-back drop + the 1-2 neck crank series (with some adjustments)  + you remember those combat cradles from RAW 126? Well, we're now set-up beautifully to hit that spine-snapping Combat Cradle Leg Pass--yeah, the one that shreds spine from lumbar to thoracic--fearsome stuff.
  • Now that we've attacked the head and the spine let's go for that arm we've captured with a Sit-Out Drag that will keep your weight top-side throughout.
  • Off of that sit-out drag we will Dog-Leash Double Wrist-Lock (passing through a Single-Wrist-Lock along the way), slap on some Key-Locks, and slap on my favorite sub of all time the Reverse Lever.
  • RAW Crew, you will notice from here that we can run our entire RAW 123 series, or...a Reverse Short-Arm Bar that combines the usual leverage on the elbow with a socket twist to kill roll-outs.

This is a 20-Step Drill Unit (40 steps if you insert the RAW 123 unit at the recommended chain link).
This volume, as with all of our RAW material, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.