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DVD - ESP RAW 130:
Pugilism Fundamentals: Integrating Unorthodox Boxing #1
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ESP RAW 130:
Pugilism Fundamentals: Integrating Unorthodox Boxing #1

This is volume 8 in the Combination Man Curriculum (CMC).
Now that we've spent the past 7 months of the CMC material getting our wrestling base underneath us let's start building our true Combination base by combining boxing with unorthodox striking.
Here's what is included on this volume...

  • We give the hair-splitting but, oh, so needed definition of the difference between boxing and pugilism.
  • We discuss the necessity of overlaying Pugilism on top of boxing and not the other way around.
  • We then introduce how we will build boxing/pugilism facility via integrated combination ladders shot through a Tri-Part Build. Each drill will be demonstrated fully on the Heavy Bag, the Double-End Bag, Wall Drills where   appropriate, and lastly live-fire partner drilling.
  • We will emphasize the outer blade of the forearm from elbow to fist pad to supplement our boxing in unusual and surprising ways. All of the strikes on this volume are currently legal under MMA rules so sportive integration is not a problem. [Combatives folks, rules are never a worry I know, but there is much grist for the mill on this volume--no nonsense stuff.]
  • We will begin by using the forearm as a kick corollary and discuss why we NEVER open with a forearm blast before we show how to integrate them from the word go.
  • We work the proper set-up for the Cram (head position is key--head in the wrong spot and you'll get clocked and/or reduce your drive).
  • We'll also use the Cram for an easy Plum Blossom Defense--why grapple and snake for position when you can go offensive at once?
  • We move down the forearm to the fist pad and discuss why this is a weapon of subtlety and if you're short on finesse the accompanying live-fire footwork drills will get you moving like a pro to fire these jolting shots.
  • We'll take several varieties of the introduced pugilistic weapons, and if you fire them through every drill provided you'll wind up with 99 rounds of drilling if you only work through the material once.

These formerly illegal shots will super-charge your striking with power and unorthodox angles to get that combination man/woman striking base up to snuff in no time.
This volume, as with all of our RAW material, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.
(Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in the Combination Man Curriculum run we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search).