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Here we introduce the fundamentals of the all-mighty clinch; hands-down perhaps the most grueling aspect of the game.  One of the reasons the clinch can be so grueling (to both parties) is a seeming limited vocabulary of what is possible within the clinch.  Beyond the fence-press, a knee or two to the body or legs, and the occasional turn or drop to the legs for a sacrifice single or double-leg, you don't see much in the way of intermediate or advanced applications.  Much of this may be because some initial fundamentals are not always adhered to, and without these fundamentals there can be no build to a broader vocabulary.  This volume seeks to seat those fundamentals and start an immediate build towards widening your offensive vocabulary.  We start with...Why the dominance of the over-under clinch over all other forms of clinching.  We discuss in detail the root drill of all clinch work the tit-for-tat pummel (standard stuff) but...We introduce The Rule of Palms to reduce your energy on the offensive stroke and reduce your opponent's space for his defensive matching retaliation.  Then, we demonstrate The Rule of Tipping which will immediately add up-rooting to even your standard pummeling drill.  (You'll find adherence to just these 2 Rules alone should improve our clinch game immeasurably.)  Next, we discuss the 3 Primary Goals of the Clinch: The Body Lock, the Go-Behind, and the Inside Leg-Dive.  We'll demo three ways to body-lock, three ways to grip and keep that body-lock, and two ways to never, ever lock your opponent down.  Next, we'll discuss three ways to take our standard Pummeling Drill and turn it into a real live animal that is combat ready as opposed to something you warm-up with or perform in isolation.  We then move on to the easiest and safest class of Go-Behind, the Slide-By.  We'll demo the 3 Primary Slide-By Forms and then from there move into how to set-up the slide-by.  We'll then dip a toe into intermediate and advanced waters by introducing the Wrist-Control Slide-By along with 2-ways to drill gaining the wrist control and 5 ways to apply the wrist control directly to a drop.  We then disuses the 3 drills to run all clinch tools thru before you unveil them in a match.  These drills will make sure you are tight, tight, tight.  We'll close with a brief bit on Educating the Lift, and how to cheat the back arch since many events have kyboshed this devastating move.  This volume, as with all of our RAW material, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in  our training notebook.  (Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in he Combination Man Curriculum run, we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search.)