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DVD - COMBINATION MAN CURRICULUM (CMC) VOLUME 4: Front Headlock to Near-Side Combat Cradles #1
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This volume continues to build on our Short-Offense foundation.  We will take that Head-Snap you developed on RAW 123 and refine your Front Headlock.  We'll discuss why a Front Headlock is not static--you must kill that base or you will lose your position.--oh, and no guard-flopping, crew.  We will then hit 4 Front Headlock Go-Behinds: The Short-Drag, the False Cross-Face, and the 2 varieties of Shuck.  Go-Behinds won't always cure what ails you as strong canny grapplers will thwart your spin, for the se beasts we've got to turn those Front Headlocks into Near-Side Cradles.  These cradles are not your standard pinning cradles, these are Combat Cradles (we avoid the in-position with the combat cradle if at all possible).  Combat cradles shift your opponents' contact point and opens up numerous submission opportunities.  Combat Cradle Drills on this volume include: Using the Head-Stab to buckle our opponents-Don't chest-thru on this one, crew.  Using the Head-Lift for some airborne action.  We'll drill how to quick release right into a fast tap.  We'll then drill Combat Cradle assistance via the Overleg Ride.  We'll use that Overleg to crunch into our next tap.  Next, (and this is worth the price of admission) we'll show you step-by-painful-step how to do an Overleg Ride Leg Pass that will torque the bottom man's spine all to hell.  For those 1 in 20 folks you've got with mondo-flexibility, we'll show how a weight transfer and head-lift still pull that spinal crunching tap.  Versus a tri-podding opponent we will use the Head-Lift to kill that base or...and this is mighty fun...A rolling Combat Cradle to Inverted Overleg Ride.  Once we've frozen your opponent in this uncomfy position we will hit 2 quick subs dictated by your opponent's captured arm position.  Then as a cherry on top we will show how to use this position to plug in every single submission drill we ran in volume 125.  So there we go, 17 drills on this volume, plug in the drills from the preceding RAW and this chapter for the Combination Man Curriculum goes to 28 links.  This volume, as with all of our RAW material, comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in  our training notebook.  (Hang on to these syllabi because at some point in he Combination Man Curriculum run, we will supplement and key these syllabi to a Master Text for easy Drill & Technique search.)