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DVD - THE INSIDE STAND-UP: Fundamentals, Drills, & Submissions
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I'm going to take it for granted that you'd prefer a wrestling approach to your ground game and do not want to hit your back/pull guard whether it be sub-only matches or MMA.  With that in mind, we've got to admit that there are times when you are in a bad position and under-load and have got to get out from under.  The easy default is the going to your back mentioned above, but there is a much better option for the wrestling/top game inclined and that is the Inside Stand-Up.  As long as you can hit 1/4 position or come to base in any way, this option is available.  It is used often in straight-wrestling matches but mighty seldom in submission or MMA work and I believe that is simply because of a poor understanding of the how to distribute the load to make the stand-up happen.  Poor load distribution means you ain't getting up and/or will be chopped back to the mat.  Good load distribution and you're not only out from under, but on your feet with a submission in your hands more often than not.  We'll open this volume with 4 Solo Drills to seat the fundamental mechanics of Foot Placement, Push-Thru, Back-Pressure, Pivoting, & Preliminary Hand-Fighting.  From there we'll add your partner so you can work under load and learn 4 Drills to Hand-Fighting Prowess.  (We will emphasize the Whip-Away to Under-Gripping--awkward when you first start the drill, but it will pay dividends and get you off the mat--ignore this step and all is for naught.)  Next, we'll hit the Standing Switch Drill and explain the Dog-Leash DWL and how a Switch and a Dog Leash DWL should be thought of as 2-sides of the same coin.  We'll run a 3-Sub Combo to Back Trip your opponent once you've hit our Inside Stand-Up.  (The Head-Post Cross-Body Hop may look awkward but it'll do the trick.)  We'll then run a 4-Submission Chain using the Inside Stand-Up to Kick-Over Series.  (I'll also provide a little caveat as to why I think the preceding chain is your go-to and the kick-over less than optimum.  If you understand pivot points you're way ahead of the game.)  I'll admit the Head-Scissors is mighty satisfying all the same.  We'll wrap up by introducing a Drive-Back for a  failed hand-fight at the get-go.  Lose the hand-fight and there is no Inside Stand-Up--the Drive-Back will fix that and then you can run the entire chain again with the Drive-Back inserted and be on your way to Inside Stand-Up Mastery.  17 Drills before the Drive-Back Addition--with the Drive-Back you now have 33 Drills total to seat this under-utilized skill.  This volume, as with all of our RAW material, come with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.