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Waaaay back on ESP RAW 22, we presented a submission chain from the Head & Arm position, i.e., the Scarf Hold.  This volume of RAW re-visits this position and re-tweaks the elements based on re-visions we've made in the 8 years since that original volume was produced.  (You'll find lots of tweaks, more than a few discards, and a greater focus on pressurizing.)  A quick rundown of what you'll find on this volume...First, we'll solidify your position--the primary tweak here will be what you do with your far-side forearm--this is a major labor-saving application that will kill your opponent's most valuable escape (the bridge) before he can even hit it.  Next, we'll talk about securing the hold with a Knee Tendon Grip--and we'll see that the tendon grip is not simply to tie that neck up in a pretty package, but more importantly what you do with the wrist while tendon-gripping.  Next, we'll address two ways to grind your opponent to give you what you want submission-wise.  (Rookies often tap due to grinding, but keep in mind that we mean the grinds to be asphalt burns on the road to something more vicious.)  Next, we'll start reaping the rewards that the grind has provided--We'll start with pressure-stepping into the holes provided and hit a simple rip/wrench that will do the job more often than not if your pressure is right.  Next, we'll hit a Side-Sleeper or Bulldog Choke that is laying right in your arms.  From there we run to the Hopping Sleeper (my favorite due to the added inertia on the hook).  We'll also hit a Hopping Shoulder Choke--throw away the old Arm-Triangle Position, the Ledge Grip will pop that head tight-tight-tight.  Of course, we'll have to hit some main guns and insert a few Reverse Lever Chokes, a Double Wrist-Lock variation or two, and an old school Keylock.  We'll also grind our way into a Near-Side Leg TWL and a scary tight Telephone Lock.  In all, 4 Drills to tighten your position and then 16 Hooks in the chain to keep that bottom man squirming.  This volume, as with all of our RAW material, come with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.