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RAWS : RAW 102

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RAW 102

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On this volume we explore in detail the First Phase of Dirty Boxing (the other two phases being: The Over-Under Clinch and Cage-Work Inside and Outside Positions).  We open with defining the Proto or Open or Loose Clinch that is the gray area/middle ground between the full-on clinch or cage drive and non-cohesive striking.  We will then break down The Big Ten, 10 Drills that Dirty Boxers can use to control this chaotic position and set-up prime strikes or...These exact same Drills can be used by the grappler to take control of the Loose Clinch or to set up shots (both lower and upper body).  Simply minus out the demonstrated strikes and you're good to go.  The Big Ten includes Aggressive Biceps Rides (a little different approach than the standard as strikes are in play.)  Fake Drag Drills--We'll show three fake drags, grapplers can use all three, but we'll urge Dirty Boxers towards only one of them.  The Head Shove Drill will educate ideal elbow placement and footwork.  If the Head Shove is the Jab of Dirty Boxing then the Head Pull is the Cross in the combination.  The better the wrestler you face the less likely clean head-control will be an option; for these reasons we run 3 Follow-Up Drills predicated on your opponent's good head control.  Then we come to two deceptively simple, but oh, so useful Dirty Boxing/Takedown set-ups Crook & Underarm Dragging (another companion drill set.)  These hit like the Reverse Lever in that once you have them in your vocabulary you start seeing them everywhere.  And lastly, Drill Ten the Sprint & Spin, a surprising way to bail if you're on the losing end of a Loose Clinch.  (Actually, you're bailing with a plan that puts you back in charge.)  Again, 10 High-Speed Drills with demonstrated applications for Dirty Boxers and Grapplers alike.