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DVDS : Below the Belt Vol. 2

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Below the Belt Vol. 2

Below the Belt Vol. 2
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(Approx. 2 1/2 hours) This 2-DVD set introduces one dozen Knee Strikes from the outside range and then provides 6 Defensive Drills to combat these knees.  Next, we introduce Outside Knee Combinations and Head-Hooking (gaining Head-Control to up the power of your Knee Strikes--nope, not a true-clinch, not yet).  We then move to the inside with a wrestling tweak on the standard Knee-Clinch and then illustrate a dozen Clinch-Knee Weapons and then run these through 7 Skip Knee Combination Drills.  Since clinching is about fluidity we detail 32 Clinching Drills in all 4 permutations an MMA/Street Clinch can assume.  We then run a series of drills to make transitions between Kicks and Knees blend seamlessly.  We end the material with a Street Specific Knee Arsenal 6 tools deep, and a Ground 'n' Pound MMA-ready Knee Arsenal 9 moves deep.  And last but not least, two drills to educate punishing the shoot with Head-On-Collision Knees.