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Choke Escapes

CHOKE ESCAPES: Step-By-Step Counter-Choke Drills
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Crew! I have the honor and privilege of presenting the very last title produced by Paladin Press CHOKE ESCAPES: Step-By-Step Counter-Choke Drills.

For a few years this material has been proprietorial to our RAW Subscription Crew, well, here we present it in its complete form. This 80-minute DVD covers—

  • The Safety Positions
  • Escape Movement & Vital Order of Operation
  • A detailed listing of No-No’s to avoid.
  • We flow thru Double-Knife Rides, Full Hooks-In, Figure-4 Body-Locks on the Leg Control side of things.
  • We then hit Double Underhooks, Harness-Grips, and then the big-bad daddy of the Full-On Choke.
  • We address these belly-up, on the side, and the formidable belly-down position.

Street, cage, mat, the Rear-Naked Choke is the KO of grappling. Not having a pragmatic answering drill-set is akin to boxing with your hands down.

Our Get ‘Em Here only Deal is $50 even Domestic/$60 International. That’s S&H included. [RAW Crew contact me if you want one and we’ll knock $10 bucks off.]