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DVD - Silent Partner
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(3 hours) For those of you who have been using FLOOR BAG and have requested our follow-up using a grappling dummy, well, it's finally here.  This is your encyclopedia to solo grappling training with a throwing/grappling dummy.  This DVD covers 130+ drills in both the horizontal and vertical positions including sections on developing Leg Scissors, Head-Locks (real Old School Head-Locks, not Head-Holds), Conditioning, Tie-Up Drills, Head-Lock Tosses, Wings, Body-Lock Tosses, Pummeling, Arm Tie-Up Tosses, Collar & Elbow Tosses, Outside Arm Tie-Up Tosses, Reverse Head-Lock Throws, Head Drags, Arm Drags, Double Legs, Low Singles, Fireman's Carries, Flying Mares, Drop Scissors, and an extensive section on developing the proper Backcast (Suplex) with a high arch (no flat-backing).  We then conclude with chaining concepts.  Again 130+ Drills-combine these drills with the FLOOR BAG material and you've got a full vocabulary of tools to work when you lack a partner or the drill is just too mean for human consumption.