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DVD - Down and Out
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Our latest commercially released DVD is the prefect introduction to our Down & Out Drilling concept featured on several RAWs and in our book FLOW CHAIN DRILLS.  In a nutshell, Down & Out Drilling puts the mix into Mixed Martial Arts.  Rather than train each element of the fight in a separate piecemeal fashion (boxing tonight, grappling tomorrow, and takedowns on Thursday, for example) Down & Out Drills illustrate how to make each and every training session an integrated whole of striking, shooting, clinching, ground and pound, and submissions.

This DVD introduces the concept with a 17-link drill set and then shows how to pull this same drill apart and insert new links to create entirely new drills for hundreds of hours of drilling.

This is a high-speed/low-drag volume that runs at a furious pace and clocks in at 55 minutes.