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Beyond BJJ Vol 2

Bejond BJJ Vol. 2
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(2.5 hours) These two discs add to your defensive vocabulary regarding the formidable art of BJJ.  We offer a wide palette of defenses for common BJJ offense so that you can better flow through your top game.  Included are: Inside Guard Defenses: Tie-up Releases, DWL/Kimura Beats, Guillotine Answers, Arm Bar Beats, Double Arm Bar Beats, Shoulder Choke Beats, Sleeve Choke Defenses, Triangle Defenses (8), Head Scissors Defenses for good measure, Split Arm Beats and Leg-Underhook Defenses are also addressed.  Next, we move to Choke Defenses including a variety of answers across the following choke classes: Scissors Chokes, Shoulder Chokes, Guillotines, and 15 answers for the Rear Naked.  Next, the Arm-Lock Defense series from the following classes: TWL/American Answers, Short Arm Bar Answers, and Cross-Body Arm Bar Answers (9).  We finish up with Standard Ankle Lock Counters (9).  In all, 94 defensive tools on these 2 discs.