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ABC of NHB Vol 3 - Grappling and Submission Progressions

DVD - ABC of NHB - Grappling and Submission Progressions
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(2 hours) No submission technique works every time.  That's why the best No-Holds-Barred (NHB) fighters have an entire arsenal of finishing techniques to know how to flow from one submission to another based on their opponent's energy and counters.  In this set, you will learn the concept of chaining techniques that combine punishing, joint-wrenching submission holds into natural progressions.  When performed as drills they teach you how to set up and apply dozens of different finishing holds and smoothly transition from one technique to another.  When applied in a fight, the reflexes, timing and positioning these drills develop enable you to automatically apply the best submission technique for the situation.  They also teach you how to automatically counter your opponent's counters to always stay in control of the action.