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NO SECOND CHANCE - A Reality Based Guide To Self-Defense

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 (192 pages) Our ground floor plunge into unarmed survival skills.  Chapters include: Duds & Thugs: Street Fight vs. Street Survival, It's Not a Fire Drill if the House is on Fire, The Truth As Blunt Object, You'll Never Be Ready, Animal Planet, 'Cause They Wanna, Predator-Prey is Not An Analogy, You Are the Offspring of Survivors, There's No Middle Ground in Fight or Flight, Survive Now, Resistance is Never Futile, Crime is a Product of Opportunity, Know the Lay of the Land, Life Over Property, You Can't Run From a Gun, Back To School, Save Others by Showing Them How to Save Themselves, Crime Scene #2, Daydream Your Nightmares, Opposable Thumbs, The Neo-Cortex, and Padded Rooms, The Myths of Patterned Responses, Women's Self-Defense & Martial Arts, Survival of the Fittest, No Weapons, Natural Weapons, Palm Strikes, Fist Strikes, Lower Body Weapons, The Tasmanian Devil & Sam Spayed, On Pressure Points & Death Touches, Targets, Grappling, Static vs. Fluid Assaults, Standing Static Assaults from the Front, Standing Static Assaults from Behind, Standing Static Assaults from the Side, Standing Static Assaults Against a Horizontal Barrier, Seated Static Assaults, Ground Static Assaults, Standing Postures to Fluid Readiness, Seated Postures to Fluid Readiness, Ground Posture to Fluid Readiness, Drills for Readiness Simulation, and much more.