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NHB - The Ultimate Guide To Conditioning

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 (192 pages/950 photos) This is all new material and meant to be the next 10 steps on the way up from the Gladiator Conditioning Program.  Covered: Exercise Evaluation (a primer on rational thinking in regard to fitness claims), the 6 Key Elements of Hardcore Physical Conditioning (drop one of these out of the equation and you just may be wasting your time), the 6 Key Body Parts that fighters must condition, the important differences between Somatotrophics and Calisthenics, the Dumbbell/Kettlebell Complex, the Explosiveness and Agility Complex that will educate the fluidity and bursts required for this game.  Want pure OD strength?  Then try the Barbell Complex.  Hate to run?  Or are you simply looking for a cardio-workout that isn't dance aerobics that will still prep you for the game?  Try the Cardio-Grinder Menu.  Flexibility isn't ignored; we present two flexibility options that you tailor to your needs.  We wind up with some contrarian discussions of R & R and Fuel (nutrition) that might just save you a bit of time and money.  There are over 50 possible workout combinations inside this book laid out for Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional level athletes--to keep the confusion factor low, we provide Menu Options that allow you to tailor the workout to your own specific needs.