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 (240 pages & 1000+ photos)  This book is the newest volume in our ongoing series.  It is devised as a Coach's/Competitor's reference book to select specific strike combination tools and applications so that you can tailor curriculum specifically to your needs.  Briefly, this volume covers...The Primacy of Punches in Bunches, The Neuroscience behind the Effectiveness of Combinations, The Power of Constructing in Three's, The fight metrics behind the Power of Three's, The Biomechanics of Striking Power, Streamlined integrated Footwork, The Wisdom of "Miss" Training, The Rise of the MMA Jab.  We then offer high-percentage Striking Combination Menus (180 of them to be exact) culled from 500 analyzed top-level MMA matches and break them into Number of Strikes per Combination and/or Featured Tool (Punches, Elbows, Knees, and Kicks) so that you can easily zero-in on your specific drill needs.  We then offer a section on High-Percentage combinations to Mask Shooting and then we move into how to add spice to striking training by Chunking Combinations, Firing all combinations through the Six Drills & the Six Attitudes, and we conclude with a section on how to "Game the Gear" to make even solo strike training competitive.