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MMA Mastery - Ground and Pound

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(176 pages)Ground and Pound is one of the most devastating tactics in elite MMA competition and this manual is your go-to drill resource. It opens with a short history of the GnP strategy followed by a close look at the fight metrics that allow us to choose when to use this strategy over submissions (that may be more often than you think). We cannot give short shrift to the first word in the Ground and Pound strategy--Ground, so, we provide the engineering approach to keeping your opponent grounded and then offer an exhaustive drill set that builds ground fluidity/mobility that will benefit both the ground and pounder and the submission specialist. We introduce the 32 observable ground positions found in MMA and shoot them through the Mobility Clock Drill (36 Drills) to hone your grounding to a razor's edge. We then hit the 6 most successful break-downs in MMA to flatten/turn the turtled opponent, after that we hit the 94-Piece Pounding Arsenal that details all the successful strikes that can be and have been feasibly and effectively delivered from each position. Then, finally, we end with a 16-Step Drill Set to integrate the Grounding Drills with the Pounding Drills. We always strive for exhaustive detail and I can assure that with this manual we have come as close as one can manage to a one-stop Ground and Pound Master Manual.