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MMA Mastery - Flow Chain Drilling and Integrated O/D Training

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(192 pages/800 photos) First, for those wondering, O/D is "offensive/defensive" drilling.  This manual is devised to be a mix & match drill reference for MMA fighters blending all aspects of the game in stair-stepped/skill-tiered sparring chains.  All drill work is based on the "outside-in principle" Striking to Shooting to Clinch to Dirty-Boxing to Ground and Pound to Submission work.  The opening portion of the manual explains the science behind integrating the drills as complete sets and then establishes the method-from Permutations that take the manual to 75+ more drills.  These drills skip the cross-training in martial arts/sports and strives to place the emphasis on the "Mix" in Mixed Martial Arts from the word go.