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 Adventure racing, mud racing, obstacle course racing, whatever you want to call it, this new phenomenon of competitive physical challenge is all about mud and glory.  Adventure racing is based on elements found in some of the world's elite special forces training.  These races allow you, the everyday Joe and Josephine to test your mettle against obstacles, terrain, and conditioning similar to what Great Britain's SAS, the US Navy SEALS, US Army Rangers, and others must go through all without the commitment to Uncle Sam or suffer live fire (well, maybe a paintball round or two).  This book will give you a brief overview of Adventure racing: it's roots and development.  It is also your guide to the conditioning required to prepare you for the unusual demands of these courses.  Info abounds in  the Tactics section where you will learn specific techniques for climbing mud covered ropes, fording swamps, mounting walls, building a more effective belly-crawl, and numerous other tips for the wild chaos that might be pitched your way.  The Logistics section gives you insider tips concerning gear, lodging, parking, building a team, and solutions for the ever present problem of just how to get mud out of all your nooks and crannies.  Mud, Guts, and Glory is your one-stop guide for having the finest and dirtiest time of your life whether you are racing for fun or in it to win it.