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Boxer´s Book of Conditioning & Drilling

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(240 pages)  This book is number 14 (!) in our continuing series.  Right up front, yes, you see that word "Boxer" on the cover and , yes, the books specific focus is conditioning for boxing but also the book is intended for conditioning all strikers.  (To be frank, you can use this book for conditioning alone simply by ignoring the striking equipment sections.)  Here's a little on what you'll find between the covers.  In our typical long-winded digressive exposition of the scientific basis of our approach you'll find the following mini-essays: "Chance Favors the Prepared Mind," "10,000 Hours" (concerns the latest research regarding the journey from novice to master), stacking the odds in favor of even the novice with "Marginal Revolutions," "GPP vs. SPP" which weighs the two-dominant approaches to conditioning and how they stack when applied to fight training, "The Attributes Demand" chart, "More is Better?" to help you gain optimum results in less time than you think, "Tradition vs. Innovation" assesses old-school approaches with the new school along with a little myth-busting.  All this and more + "Champion's Tale" sidebars that spotlight unusual training methods used by great champs of the past and present.  Next, we move into "Floorwork" (boxing parlance for calisthenics) which we break into 6 Broad Categories: Pushing, Pulling, Legs, Core (and not a sit-up or crunch to be found in the bunch), True Floorwork, and Medicine Ball & Sledgehammer Work.  83 fighter specific calisthenics in all.  Next, we run the Great 8 Plyometrics Drills to build some major explosiveness in the lower body.  Then the 7 Old School Rules of Weight Training followed by 18 Bar Work exercises, 7 Dumbbell Exercises, and 4 Kettlebell Exercises that will comprise the iron portion of your training.  We then show you how to assemble the workouts with 31 separate GPP Workouts for 3 levels (Rookies, Intermediate, and Advanced athletes).  We then move into the striking equipment section (SPP) and introduce The Footwork Tango, a 14-Part Drill to hone all aspects of your ring footwork.  Next, a 70 Item Combination Checklist for Plugging punch-combinations into different SPP Drills.  Next, we compare and contrast Old School Roadwork (LSD) and New School Roadwork (Sprints) and then provide approaches for both with a dozen separate New School Sprint Drills to get more done in less time.  We then move into an abbreviated Rope-Skipping section--Wanna know why it's so short?  Read the book for the math.  Next, we cover the 5 Rules of Heavy Bag Work and provide 17 separate  drills to beat the mindless pounding doldrums.  Then we apply an even dozen drills for Shadow/Mirror work.  Then 14 Double-End Bad drills.  10 Rope-Weaving Drills.  Rope-Weaving is a woefully under-utilized old school method that builds exceptional upper-body movement.  Next, the 5 Commandments of Focus Pads and 13 alternate approaches to this exceptional piece of gear.  The relative merits and demerits of Sparring along with 20 Sparring Drills to always keep your brain (and jab) popping.  And we close with resources to add to these drills as well as how to fold your Flow Drills/Down & Out Drills into your strike training.