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NHB - The Book of Essential Submissions

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(176 pages) The 10th in our continuing series and the subject this time is less "how to" and more "what not to do."  Less a "Hey, do this" guide and more a "why-or why not-do this."  In short The Essentials is a strategy guide that introduces fight metrics to the sport of MMA to allow us to make educated choices in offensive and defensive tools unclouded by assumption or style.  We use a careful analysis of 640 elite level MMA matches (both cage and ring) to fuel the material within.  Once we get the expository fight metrics under out belts, it's time to move on to the inescapable "how to" portion of the book where we present offense/defense in a strictly analyzed Hierarchy of Utility so that you know each and every technique introduced has proven itself in top-level competition and by what margin.  It is just this sort of quantifiable approach that can lead to great qualitative strides.