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DVD - The 3/4 Nelson Reverse Lever: Part 2
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This is the second volume in a series that re-boots the submission encyclopedia with an eye on stream-lined rivet tight MMA-ready submissions.  This volume picks up right where RAW 95 left off.  (Don't worry, if you missed the last one this one can still be used as a stand-alone training tool.)  We continue to explore the abundance of angles you can hit the 3/4 Nelson Reverse Lever (think of it as a more versatile and tighter Darce Choke).  On this volume we use one dozen drills to keep educating this devastating tool.  We start with 4 On-the-Feet Drills that use the 3rd most successful submission in elite MMA competition (the Arm-In Guillotine) to set-up an even tighter sub.  Where on the last volume we had the time and balance to set our grips from the get-go, here we address the more likely situation of a hard drive so set-ups must be stream-lined.  These 4 Drills educate that streamlining process.  Next, we hit a 3-Step Drill Set that focuses on a chain as a fail-safe for when your streamlined On-the-Feet Set-Up causes you to hit your back (or you may opt for the back if that is your comfort zone).  Drill 1 shows you how to tighten the standard Arm-In Guillotine Joe Stevenson/Mike Swick style.  Drill 2 uses the Arm-In for a surprising Sweep that falls directly into our tighter sub of choice.  Drill 3 drives you off of your back and directly into the sub.  Next, we set-up this tight submission from the Top Saddle/Mount and then...Two sneaky ways to Hook it from the Cross-Body that are predicated on your opponent's Underhook efforts.  In other words you will take his best defensive option and use his defense to crush that head.  Next, we use the 1/2 Mount-1/2 Guard to set up this submission.  This is delicate territory here--leave one step out and you are vulnerable to a Sweep from 10th Planet enthusiast; follow each step and you can crush that head without bothering to free your leg.  Next, a surprising set-up from underneath the Lateral Press/Top Body/North-South position.  This drill uses the sub as "inspiration" to fire your escape and follows it into the top version of the sub.  And last, but certainly not least, how to fire out of being caught in the Rear Naked directly into Top Position with the hands locked and loaded to crush.  The Dozen Drills on this volume are applicable to both MMA and submission wrestling.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.