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DVD - The 3/4 Nelson Reverse Lever: Part 1
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For those of you who have been wondering where all of the submissions have gone, this volume re-introduces some new "old" toys from the lab.  Fight metrics shows the superiority of Striking (both vertical and horizontal) over straight submission work and the data also shows only a single handful of subs contributing the most results--that is irrefutable.  But, there seems to be a second handful of submissions that could rise in the hierarchy of utility with better engineering and increased familiarity.  This second handful of submissions needs to emphasize both ease of assimilation (easy to learn) and have maximum entry points (applicable from multiple positions).  Structuring our game towards a smaller but tighter arsenal leads to easier choice making in chaos and broadening the scope of submission entries breeds a more offensive submission game--a game that sees submission insertion points at every step of the way rather than only one or two entry points.  Formerly, it was necessary to have a larger vocabulary of submissions, esoteric tricks for each position and it's subdivisions; here, we strive to cut the submission choices to a minimal (but mighty effective) bunch and educate the athlete in hitting them from unexpected but easily accessible angles.  This is the first volume in a series that re-boots the submission encyclopedia with this new goal in mind.  We begin with the 3/4 Nelson, not the high school or collegiate version but a tighter version that removes the defensive handles from the grasp of the defending fighter--this is key.  We then take the 3/4 Nelson and demonstrate how it moves directly into an Arm-Included Reverse Lever Choke (think of the JJ Darce choke and you're in the ballpark, but I think you're going to find this Reverse Lever with it's three tweaks oh, so much tighter).  Next, we take this powerful 1-2 (3/4 Nelson to Reverse Lever) and start moving it around the body to show how this sequence which is commonly only visualized from the referee's position is hiding in multiple locations.  We then introduce drills that will have you hitting this from the side, from head-to-head, from collar and elbow, from arm drags, arm drag switch-offs, and off of a sprawl.  Next, we hit a drill set that allows you to see your opponent's Underhooks with new eyes--eyes that recognize the 4 big dropping takedowns that lead directly (and I do mean directly) into this tight finish.  This sequence seeks to reduce the takedown-grapple to position-submission formula from 3 moves to 1 (takedown into submission).  Remember that Arm-Included Guillotine tweak we offered a while back?  Throw it out the window; this new drill set will change how you approach one of the most commonly obtained positions in MMA with 4 Drills on how to obtain and finish.  There are 17 Drills on this volume, applicable to both MMA and submission wrestling.