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DVD - Crashing & Catching the Leg
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This volume is a stand-alone MMA-only volume, meaning don't look to this one for submissions.)  The Leg Kick is the most useful leg attack in MMA, adding devastating cumulative points even if it rarely finishes in and of itself.  Currently there are two schools of thought on dealing with the Leg Kick (beyond simply staying out of range and not engaging).  The first, the majority school of thinking, is the Leg Check School; the second, used by a small minority including the rightly esteemed striking coach Shawn Tompkins, is the Crashing School.  Leg Checking relies on good reflexes and shin to shin contact--and lets' admit it, we've all leg checked and it's better than eating one on the thigh but the check still hurts.  The Leg Check is also a defense-only option--in other words any counter-offense must come after the Leg Check--a 1-2 move.  The Crashing School, also relies on good reflexes, but it gets the shin out of the equation, and your defense is the first phase of the counter-offense vs. the Leg Kick--a 1-1 move.  (The Leg Crashing School is ideal for those with a boxing or wrestling/grappling base as you never go one-legged.)  With that explanation out of the way, the DVD will cover: Zero Pressure--Finding the two points of minimum force on a Leg Kick.  The Step-In--It's just not when you step into a kick, but how you step-in that minimizes risk.  The Hands as High Kick Principle--Time your step-in with one of these three counter-strikes that require less energy expenditure and your life gets a little easier.  (See Nate Marquardt's lighting fast KO of Demian Maia in UFC 102 for a sample.)  Still tentative with your step-in?  That's where the Crouch comes into play.  The Crouch alters the kick's landing surface; you combine this with even a timid step-in and you should feel that confidence rise.  There are two broad ways to catch a kick (The Deep Catch and the Shallow Catch) and each has their own natural follow-up counters which we'll run through in a drill-set that will seat these ideas firmly. Also there's more to catching a kick than the hand on the leg--it's what the "free hand" does while catching that prevents you from being KO'd.  All principles for Crashing and Catching are explained along with the 18 Drills to fully educate the material.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.