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DVD - Proto-Clinch: Biceps Pummeling & Head Control
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This is a single topic RAW that breaks away from the Down & Out Format to introduce one single drill set we call Proto-Clinch.  Before every Clinch is established (Over-Under, Plum Blossom, Collar & Elbow, what have you) or at the tail end of every foiled shot there is a second of hang-time in which you can choose to thwart the Clinch or take control of the Clinch.  In this DVD we run 20 Drills that assist you in building facility so that you can make the offensive (control the Clinch) or defensive decision (thwart the Clinch).  Among those drills are breaking down Biceps Pummeling and Head Snapping Drills.  Dirty Boxing Drills based upon Head Snap responses. An in-depth breakdown of the mighty underused Head-Drag (I think you'll find this far safer when on your feet than the usual go-to Guillotine--Ground & Pounders will find the Head Drag an excellent friend).  For those with a submission focus, you will find 10 Submission Drills (Head and Arm/Shoulder Attacks) off of the Head Drag.  And we end with two Slam Drills versus a resisting opponent on the bad end of a Head-Drag.  Once you've devoted some solid drilling hours to this Proto-Clinch, I'm confident that your fraction of a second post-shot/pre-clinch portion of the fight will pay off in big ways.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) coms with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.