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DVD - Insomnia: Beating the Rear Naked Choke
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This is a single topic RAW that breaks away from the Down & Out Format to introduce one single drill set we call Insomnia.  Fight metrics proves that the Rear Naked Choke/Sleeper is now the most successful submission inside elite MMA competition (far and away in front of the silver place sub).  It stands to reason that having a good choke defense is a top priority and we have provided more than a few defenses in the past, but in our effort at paring material to essentials we now advocate this single go-to escape which we've not included on any other material (including the Great Escapes).   This DVD introduces an 11-Step Drill (Insomnia) to educate all the steps to blocking, stopping, and reversing the Rear Naked Choke.  (These are now the on y steps I advocate, again, this superseded previous choke release material.)  Defending at the Onset--Given the opportunity to block before the choke we use Choke vs. Choke (a like vs. like defense that removes the Choke and Arm Bar offense if your back is gained).  This moves into Legs vs. Legs and Getting Out of the Saddle to face.  Defending Once It's Sunk--Next, we take a bad case scenario (not worst case; not yet)  the choke is sunk but we have purchase.  With Purchase we run a specific series of hand controls (think Greco and you're going in the right direction)--in sequence the hand controls are Purchase, Peel & Pinch, and the Peel Part 2.  The Hand Control Series destroys the structural integrity of the Choke, but your opponent still has the option of re-mounting offense so we've got to not simply stop, block, and remove the Choke; it's time to take your opponent's own Choke attempt and turn it into your own Choke Attack (not a Sleeper of course, as you'll now have a feel for how precarious it just may be).  To reach this offense we'll need to run our hand controls into an Arm Drag Variant, and a Bridge Nelson that puts you on  top in a tight, tight, tight Cross-Body Reverse Lever.  As for that Worst-Case Scenario, we discuss what to do if we find no purchase.  Once you've devoted a good solid hour to the 11-Step Insomnia Drill, I'm confident that your composure when your back is gained will rise, and you'll see the wisdom in kicking other Rear Naked Defenses to the curb.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.