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DVD - Back to the Wall: Vol. 2
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This volume is second in a series exploring how to get yourself off of the cage wall in MMA competition.  Whereas the first volume in this series explored your best defensive option (Double-Underhooks) this volume assumes you have hit the wall "neutral" (Over-Under Clinch), and we all know when your back is to the wall it isn't really neutral as the outside man has all the drive and knees to back that drive up; not to mention several easy takedowns at his disposal (well, I guess I did mention it all the same).  We'll start by exploring immediate reaction (hesitation results in eating knees or hitting the ground with your neck kinked on the fence).  We'll borrow a few concepts from Greco-Roman wrestling to reverse this position with a Knee-Tap Turn.  Once we have fought for the turn, we need to up the ante on the pressing the fence advantage as we are both still in "neutral" (if you can turn him; he can turn you).  One variation in the Over-Under Clinch takes his own turn away--the Biceps Pin.  Next, we run the pinning-the-opponent offense advantage through a Down and Out chain that makes the most of their vertical mount disadvantage.  This chain includes....How to Hook a Fence Collar...Setting up a Double Collar Tie with the Elbow...A nice 3-Bang Knee Series...The Fence Halch for some punishing hip-blocked neck control...And four options on Head/Neck attack's for those who like a submission as their finish.  Getting off of the wall is now just as important as getting off of your back and this volume send us in the right direction to reversals and finishing.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.