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DVD - Back to the Wall: Vol. 1
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This Down & Out/Bad Libs Format volume begins the first in a short series of RAW titles that will explore the bad, bad, bad situation of getting yourself off of the cage wall once a strong competitor has driven you there.  We begin with how to establish Double-Underhooks to start re-asserting control.  The technique off of the wall is noticeably different than it is in the standard standing version.  Next, we use those Underhooks to hook a Body-Lock and work an Unbroken Go-Behind (split your grip here and you'll wind up back on the fence eating a few knees).  Once we have the Go-Behind, we delve into a ground chain that highlights a few essential details in technique that run a bit contrary to standard ideology.  Once you give them a shot I think the integrity of the technique will reveal itself and cut down on your work.  We use that Body-Lock to hit a Double-Knee Drop to Crab Ride (we discuss how to avoid dropping your opponent onto your lap--you want him on the mat, not on you--which is Contrarian Point #1).  Yes, this position is ideal for hooks-in (Double-Knife Ride) and right to the Sleeper/Rear Naked, but we demonstrate how and why this rush seems to leave out 2 steps in the order of operation that are essential in upping your advantage when playing more experienced competitors well-versed at defending the Choke.  Contrarian Point #2 (and this is a big one)--Why a Back-Drag (Arm Drag preceding a Choke) just may be the most important choke set-up detail you'll ever need.  Hook this set-up correctly and often the Choke is not needed.  After this change in order and approach of set-up only then do we establish Hooks--do it too soon and you'll lose your prey.  Next, we work on finishing the Choke when we have a good defender.  Yes, we'll use the One-on-One Wrist Block, but it's the little Knee Prop introduced here that can spell all the difference between struggle and fluidity.  (It's always the small details at the margins that matter as skill level between competitors increases--in other words, it's never a new choke or arm bar, or novel punch, it's the little tweaks in the road along the way to these familiar destinations).  Next, we use Leg-Trapping to re-establish the Choke or Reverse Lever and finally; when all else fails we hit an Arm Bar off the back using the principles introduced in the Chaos Arm Bar.  Getting off of the wall is now just as important as getting off of your back and this volume starts us off in the right direction to reversals and finishing.  This volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.