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DVD - The Bottom Scissors Chaos Arm Bar
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In our most recent book, The Essentials, we introduced the concept of large-sample fight metrics to elite MMA competition and among the results, the revelation that the Arm Bar is the #1 submission finish.  The vast majority of these Arm Bar finishes came from the Bottom (Guard or Bottom Scissors position), but...what was most interesting (and still is in our on-going fight analysis) is the fact that how few of these Arm Bars (approximately 5%) were preceded by clean set-ups.  Far more often than not, the successful Arm Bars appeared more of a chance event (hence the designation Chaos Arm Bar) whereas many of the Arm Bars that we saw being set up with precise deliberation were (and still are) actually foiled because of that precise deliberation--more evidence that submission grappling and submissions in MMA are not necessarily the same thing.  With these tangible observations in mind we present this volume which is a compendium of ideas on what fractional aspects of set-ups must be present for success.  We also delve into tweaks to lock the Arm Bar in tighter and then run an ABC follow-up vocabulary to remedy the immediate problems encountered with applying the Arm Bar.  Concepts and techniques included: Chaos Arm Bar First Principles.  Why hand placement in arm retention is key--place the hand anywhere else and you get hit--end of story.  Diagnosing distance problems and why distance is the primary cause of lost Arm Bars--a tweak in thinking cures distance.  The Importance of Differential Leg Pressure--Think once you have your legs in place (one over the body and one over the head) your leg work is done?  Not by a long shot--leg placement, direction of pressure, and contrary flexion and extension are of utmost importance.  Drill these new ideas for 5 minutes and you''ll be a believer.  Since this volume runs in the Down & Out format, we've got to provide a D game for the Cup Stack, and we finally explain just how and why this deceptive bit of nothing works.  Next, we up the ante for the Chaos Arm Bar by introducing it's most likely incarnation The Elevated Set-Up.  Too often the Arm Bar is only trained in optimum conditions--here we show you how to throw optimum out the window and opt for reality.  Next, we allow the bottom man to counter the Blocked Arm Bar with the most successful of strategies the Under-Hook Sweep and show why this sweep often gets stuck and how to unstick it with that pre-planned differential leg pressure.  Next, we move into a rat-a-tat chain of Cross-Body Arm Bars, Ground an Pound (the most effective strategy versus a Stuck Cross-Body Arm Bar), and a Short-Arm Scissors.  We then insert a Bad Lib into this chain--sometimes you simply get stuck underneath on that Arm Bar Attempt no matter how differential the leg pressure--for those contingencies we use the 50/50 method of Leg-Locking/Gotch-Motivating.  We hit a Short Leg Bar, we shoot a Leg Weave vs. a Blocked Leg Bar, fire off three varieties of Heel Hooks (the common grip and then the 2 correct grips), and then finishes with a Knee Scissors vs. a Shucked Heel Hook.  This volume is jam-packed with detailed work for the Bottom-Scissors game and this volume of RAW (as with all volumes) comes with a printed syllabus for inclusion in your training notebook.