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DVD - Down & Out: Bad Libs: Vol. 4
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We continue our exploration of hybrid MMA drilling combining all ranges/modes of the fight into one cohesive whole.,  On this volume we will emphasize an unorthodox but highly efficient way to close the gap to gain the Clinch, work that Clinch from all facets with Dirty Boxing, and Tie-Up Flows, and of course wind up with this thing on the ground for some high-percentage Hooks from Cross-Body to keep you on top and in control.  We open (as always) with high utility boxing.  Simply put, boxing provides the highest return on your MMA investment.  Next, we demonstrate how to stick to the Jab to enter on your opponent.  This unorthodox but simple method of entry works in cut-time as it does not follow the typical offense/defense/counter-offense pattern.  I think you'll find this rhythm-interruption rather useful particularly versus an opponent who stuffs shots well.  Next, we'll grease the gears with a little high-intensity pummeling that leads directly to...Bumping and a Tie-Up Switch.  Pummeling, as we all know, means your opponent is matching you in the Clinch game, so flowing through Tie-Ups to beat his defense is a better way to play.  Once we hit the new Tie-Up (Single Collar) we highlight how and why the proper placement of the elbow can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  Next, we work some Dirty Boxing off the new Tie-Up followed by...Your third Tie-Up Flow (the Double-Collar) and from here we'll punish with Knees.  After that last knee is fired we will hit your next link in the Tie-Up Flow--we will use the Halch to pressure-ride from what is typically thought of as a Plum Blossom/Thai Tie-Up into an old school wrestling Head & Arm Tie-Up (remember we must mix those arts, not compartmentalize).  Once we've switched that Tie-Up, we'll mix those arts yet again and use a Knee variant to "inspire" movement in your opponent.  (It ain't a Straight Knee either; that will get you in trouble here).  You will then Ground Slam your opponent and hit two rapid fire Neck Attacks followed by two fast Arm Attacks.  This chain is 28 links deep in all and once you've followed along with the contact-protocol on the printed syllabus included with this volume, you'll be sticking the Jab and entering, honing your Dirty Boxing while blowing through Tie-Up Flows rather than getting locked into the like Tie-Up versus like Tie-Up game, and then cranking on the ground chain.  As competency rises, so will speed and intensity and the conditioning effect--in the end you should be able to clock this chain top-to-bottom at between 14-16 seconds.