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DVD - Down & Out: Bad Libs: Vol. 3
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We continue our exploration of hybrid MMA drilling combining all ranges/modes of the fight into one cohesive whole.  This is another high intensity volume that also serves as some major conditioning as the up/down nature keeps the pace intense.  This time we make the focus realistic Bottom Scissors (Guard) work from both top and bottom.  We open (as always) with high utility boxing.  We then add a juke to overhand that has resulted in more one-shot KOs in MMA competition than any other offensive tool.  Next we cut the angle, blind with the hook to hide our Double-Leg.  We then launch into Ground and Pound.  The bottom man then educates the more difficult but more useful Belly-Down Get-Up as a get out of hell card.  We tit for tat the Overhand Double and then educate the most widely used (and most successful) Cross-Body Escape in MMA.  We run another Ground and Pound chain to educate throwing from the top and how to cover from the bottom.  The bottom man will hit the Collar & Overhook, and then throw his own post shots to hide what's coming next, the Bone Block.  Next, we'll transition the Bone Block into a sneaky Triangle.  We'll then pop that Triangle with the #1 Triangle Buster right into another bout of Ground and Pound featuring Hammering, Grinding, and Knees.  This chain is 23 links deep in all and once you've followed along with the contact-protocol on the printed syllabus included with this volume, you'll be firing this double-deuce chain in under 15 seconds.